It’s time to get packing

You’ve been counting down the days (and hours, we’re sure) until your due date, and you absolutely cannot contain the excitement for your little one’s arrival! But when and what should you pack? We say rather pack earlier than later – your little bub may decide to come a little earlier!

Us, Mama’s at Sam and Sage recommend that you pack your bag at the 37 to 38 week mark.

But, before you get started, check in with your hospital or birthing centre to confirm what is provided for you and your newborn and of course what you’ll need to take with – each birthing facility is a little different!

So it’s time to get packing – hooray – your due date is almost here! Our little checklist below will help ensure that you gather everything that you need (we’ve also added some nice-to-haves and a mini-checklist for dada too).


For mama:

  • Comfy, loose clothing
  • Slippers and socks
  • Nursing bra’s
  • Old panties
  • Toiletries, including sanitary pads and hair elastics
  • Flip-flops to use while showering
  • Towel
  • Your birth plan and any paperwork you’ve been asked to complete by the hospital or your medical aid
  • A contact list of those who are dear to share your baby’s arrival
  • Magazines, books, movies, series, music
  • Watch or smartphone to time your contractions
  • Chargers – some hospitals won’t let you plug your charger directly into their sockets, so make sure you keep a power bank nearby just in case.


For baba:

  • A birth announcement outfit and newborn babies clothing– our swaddle sock sets will ensure your baby feels cozy and safe, and looking picture perfect for their birth announcement photo.
  • A soft and gorgeous baby blanket for warmth
  • A few soft singlets suitable for a newborn baby
  • Bows or beanies, which can be mixed and matched for the perfect newborn photo
  • Newborn baby size nappies, unscented baby wipes and your nappy bag
  • Approved infant car sear fitted and installed as per regulations
  • Bottles and formula, if you intend to bottle feed or struggle to breastfeed.
  • Car seat – its obviously isn’t for your hospital bag, but the right car seat should be installed around the same time you pack your bags.


For dada:

  • Snacks like choccies, biltong and drinks
  • Phone/camera, laptop and chargers
  • Entertainment options like books, movies and series
  • A change of clothes
  • Flip-flops incase dada wants to shower
  • Toiletries and a towel


With our hospital bag checklist, you should be well prepared for delivery. We also recommend that once all the bags are packed, you keep them nice and handy – either near the front door or in the car – so that you can be ready in a splash!

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!


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