Mixing, Matching and Styling Your Little Babe

Shopping for little fashion lovers can be a tad bit tricky

We totally get it – especially when they get to the age where they begin to have their own sense of style.

They can become even pickier with what they choose to wear or how they wear it.

But there’s one thing we know for certain; all kids (even mom’s and dad’s) love soft, irritation-free fabrics that are cozy and comfy to spend all day in! At Sam & Sage, we choose each fabric with a great amount of love and care, not only to ensure that our clothing remains gentle on their skin, but to also ensure that your little guy or girl looks super cool on playdates too!

So if you’re wondering how to put the coolest and comfiest outfits together, here are a few tips on how to mix and match your little trendsetter’s favourite pieces:

Shop staples

The most basic tip of mixing and matching starts with the basics. If you have an adorable little girl or the cutest little boy you could begin with purchasing a pair of unisex joggers that can be mixed and matched with any tee or top.

Shop solid or neutral colours

When it comes to mixing and matching, it’s essential to have a base of colours; these include neutrals like black, navy, white and grey, or if you’re looking for a slightly bolder statement, you could pair their staples with colours like; maroon, blue and khaki. Our tip is to limit your colour choices to a maximum of three for each outfit, it makes for good choice, depending on their mood.

Get creative

When it comes to your kid’s style, let them express their individuality. Mixing and matching means adding accessories to make your little one look totally different!

After all every mix-and-match dress or tee needs some kind of cool piece to jazz it up. So take a look at what can be worn a lot, kids outfits should be fun, and when you give them choices on what to wear, it also teaches them responsibility – allowing them to be in charge of their own style.

Take a look at any of these go-to mix-and-match pieces right here

and shop the looks right away!

Remember you can expect delivery within one to two days, and get free delivery on orders over R599.

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