Your how-to on how to host a virtual baby shower!

Yes, we know. Hosting a baby shower online from home is not the same as chatting, munching and opening prezzies face to face but… It does come with a few of its own benefits!

Like, no catering, baking, clean-ups… Or pretending you like something when it just totally not your style! But thanks to the Internet, you’ll still be able to celebrate and let your closest join in on the fun with you!

After all, baby showers are really about your new arrival and of course close friends and family!

So let’s get to it:

Write your guest list

A virtual celebration lends itself great to small groups of up to 12, giving everyone the opportunity to interact and chat.

Choose a platform

Choose an app that best suits the number of guests that will be attending. Unlimited time.

Google Hangouts: up to 10 people on a personal account, or 25 on a professional account. Unlimited time.

Group Facetime: up to 32 people. Unlimited time.

Zoom: up to 100 people with a time limit of 40 minutes.


Don’t be shy about gifts! Gifts are a part of the celebration with your loved one’s. it’s also an opportunity for them to participate in the preparation for the little.

Set up a personalized baby registry, and more often or not you can order online and have the gift delivered straight to the new parents. It’s an option we even offer here at Sam and Sage.

The best part of this? It allows you to gather products from a range of online stores with no double-ups!


Just because you aren’t physically together, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to get all dressed up! Choose a theme for the party and invite your friends and family to dress up and show off their outfits!

If your baby is a gender surprise, get your guests to wear either blue or pink and let them guess!  

Choose some fun activities:

Get your guests to come up with a few games, not all games are an online vibe, but there’s some that do like:

  • Measure the bump
  • Share the best and worst baby advice you’ve ever been given.
  • Draw a baby on your head with your eyes closed!

And there are more! Get creative!  

Make a simple invitation

Everything about this baby shower is virtual – email, WhatsApp or use Facebook events to let everyone know it’s happening!

Things to include:

  • A small introduction – let your guests know they have been invited to something unique!
  • Time, date, theme/dress code
  • How to access your Baby List gift registry.
  • Delivery address.
  • A link to your chosen video platform and a link to download the platform.
  • Any instructions for arriving at the event like bring a piece of paper, pen, cup of tea and cookies or cake.


Give your guests time to RSVP, explore your registry, purchase and post their gifts to you.

Tips for your special day

Choose your location. Do you want to be inside or outside?

Think about your backdrop – you’ll probably want something pretty like your garden or a blank wall with some balloons and simple decoration.

Try to use natural lighting as much as possible (sun/windows).

Think about any noise and test the microphone on your device beforehand.

Virtual baby showers have their own charm and are a unique way of connecting friends and family. They can be as relaxed and low key as a simple lounge chat with a few of your besties! Have fun, this day is about celebrating your little bundle of joy!



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